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MFD/Copier/Printer Supply

Machines are proposed based on Best Practice Recommendations following a careful assessment of the customer’s unique requirements and are chosen from manufacturers carefully selected through a combination of high reliability and low running costs.

Machines can be leased over typically 3 or 5 years, they can be purchased outright or they can be provided on rolling, short term agreements. Each proposal is bespoke and designed around the client’s individual needs. We supply both new and remanufactured hardware.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Every machine we supply can be provided with an SLA. This covers all aspects of the machine from installation and on- site training, toners, all replacement parts, ongoing service, maintenance and telephone support. We can even provide a range of paper, card and other media if required.

One major benefit of our SLA is that it is a 90 day rolling agreement with no long term commitment. We do not tie customers in. We rely on good service and quality support to keep clients with us, not long term maintenance contracts.

Customers have a single point of contact. Most calls are answered within 4 rings and you speak directly to a human being. Approximately 93% of service call outs are attended within 4 hours and roughly 90% of faults are fixed on the first visit.

Repair Callouts

We also repair and service machines not covered by an SLA. Businesses can call us and speak with an engineer to discuss the issue free of charge and, if we believe the fault can be fixed and that it is cost effective to do so, we can arrange for the engineer to visit.

The cost to have an engineer visit is £65 + VAT which covers the first hour on site. Additional time is charged in 15 minute blocks and parts are extra if required. As mentioned, approximately 95% of faults are diagnosed within the first hour.

Print Management Software

We offer a range of software to help businesses reduce the cost of printing by giving them greater control over what can be printed, by whom, on which devices. This software can generate reports by user, department, device or environmental impact. It allows businesses to track and control usage and behaviour, securely print documents and eliminate waste paper.

ROI on these packages is quick and simply monitoring printing will normally yield a 10% – 20% savings over an unmanaged print environment.

Print & Workflow Audit

A free, no obligation service designed to examine an organisation’s current printing, copying and distribution levels to identify inefficiencies and strengthen workflow. It offers a complete breakdown of the company’s expenditure on consumables and running costs giving them a clear per copy cost for colour and mono across all devices. It gives an in-depth view of document production and offers Best Practice Recommendations to identify key areas in the workflow where changes could be implemented to improve productivity and reduce costs.

The service is non-intrusive and in no way disrupts the important day to day running of the client’s business. In most scenarios we are able to conduct this analysis on-site within one hour.

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